AUGUST 20. 2003

President Linda Myers called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM. Those present were: Deb Overcash, Karen Shacklette, Linda Wilgus, Mark Reynolds, and Cathy West.

The Treasurers report presented by Karen Shacklette was approved.

The minutes from the May 13, 2003 conference call were approved.


  1. Payment has been made to the RCCB for penalty incurred for lack of participation at the RCCB coding test sponsored by the IRBMA July 27, 2003. The RBMA has agreed to accept payments for the penalties owed them.
  2. Meg Patton with the ISMA is waiting to hear from Walt Blackham to finalize the cost of the coding seminar. The ISMA will make all of the arrangements and do a mailing . The IRBMA membership roster and names of interested persons in Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky will be given to Linda Wilgus to pass along to Meg for the mailing.
  3. Mark Reynolds suggested a coding discussion for the physicians attending the RIS meeting. This information will be passed along to the RIS.
  4. Continuing IRBMA meetings at Embassy Suites in downtown Indianapolis, would probably necessitate increasing the attendance fee to $50.00. Deb Overcash will check meeting rates at other locations in the Indianapolis area.
  5. Diana Ford has been the only nomination for a Board Member position (3 year term ending in 2006). If no other nominations are made in the general meeting, the present Board Members and Officers have agreed to remain in position:
    • Linda Myers (President) - 3 year term ending in 2004
    • Karen Shacklette (Treasurer) - 3 year term ending in 2006
    • Cathy West (Secretary) - 2 year term ending in 2004
    • Linda Wilgus - 2 year term ending in 2005
    • Deb Overcash - 3 year term ending in 2005
    • Mark Reynolds - 2 year term ending in 2005
  6. Suggestions for meeting topics and speakers for the coming year will be requested from the membership at the general meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy West, Secretary

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