The meeting was called to order by President Matt Shebel at 2:20 PM.

Treasurer's report was presented and approved. Glynda mentioned that the membership renewal notices had been mailed.

Theresa reported that the next meeting is August 16th. The main speaker will be Tom Greeson. The November meeting will be held jointly with the ISMA and will focus on coding . Details will follow.

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No report.

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Deb reported that the web site is under construction. No more Bulletins will be published. The web page will have a "What's New?" page for broadcasting pertinent information to membership.. Deb asked that members forward information to her to be put on the web site.

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Dan gave out information on claim denial changes by Medicare. Claims denied for diagnosis may be refiled rather than going through review.*** He asked for volunteers to help review information in Medicare Bulletins and provide him feedback. Deb Overcash, Theresa Lin and Michael LaMasters offered to assist in that project.***He advised the rough draft of LMRP regarding vertebroplasty is to be out August 15th. with the effective date to be September 15th.***Dan requested that insurance issues be e-mailed to him***It was noted that FEP Blue Shield claims for MRI's are having to be reviewed. Dan asked that copies of those requests be sent to him.

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**Matt announced that corporate sponsors are needed for the November coding seminar. Please notify Matt.The coding session will focus on general and interventional coding as well as oncology. Part of the session will be devoted to anatomy and physiology. This should be a good preliminary session for coders who plan to take the RMBA coding certification test, as it will feature questions on all aspects of radiology coding.

**Tom Erickson agreed to take over the duties of Treasurer.
**Nominating committee, Dale Huffman and Matt Shebel would like suggestions of those willing to serve on the Board.
**A mailing is to be sent with web page issues and survey questions regarding the general meeting format.

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**The coding certification process by RBMA has been delayed until May/June 2001.
**CPT 2001 will have contrasted codes for MRI.
**CPT 2001 will have procedures with number of views stated rather than a description of the view (ie: flexion/extension).

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There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Doris J. Allgood, Recorder

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