Matt Shebel, Deb Overcash, Dale Huffman, Tom Erickson, Jim Cairney, Glynda Harris, Theresa Lin and Doris Allgood.

Minutes of the previous board meeting were approved as written. Treasurer's report was presented and approved. Some discussion was held regarding possiblity of changing banks. Topic tabled until new treasurer is determined.

The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer were reviewed and determined that they should be divided and delegated to various committees as follows:

  • Secretary- Items 1-2-3 AND 10
  • Membership - Items 4-5-6- and 11
  • Program- Item 7
  • Treasurer- Items 8 & 9

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Matt and Dale will solicit board candidates and have a teleconference for board approval. Nominations will be mailed prior to the August meeting.

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The next scheduled meeting is August 16th. at the same location. Tom Greeson will be the main speaker. The November meeting will be a joint meeting with the ISMA and will focus on coding. The program is to include anatomy & physiology, radiation oncology, general and interventional coding. It was noted that the ISMA offers a coding test for certification of coders.

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INTERNET COMMITTEE: Deb advised that the web designer has moved to Los Angeles, but that he continues to work on the IRBMA web page. It was decided that no more Bulletins would be printed and mailed. All information will be put on the web site. Deb requested that anyone having a favorite site to be considered as a possible link from the IRBMA site forward that information to her.

Mention was made that Karan Ford has left her position and is working in a field outside of medicine. She served on both the Program and Internet committees. To be determined whether a replacement for the Internet committee needs to be found.

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There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM.

Doris J. Allgood, Recorder

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