President, Linda Myers called the meeting to order at 10:20 AM. Those present were: Linda Myers, Karen Shacklette, Jim Cairney, Deb Overcash, Cathy West, Linda Wilgus, and Pam Dereu.

The objectives of the meeting were to set a meeting schedule for 2003 and plan program topics that would increase attendance. Discussions addressed adding more topics for radiation oncology practices, break out sessions for specialty areas, changing the meeting location, and providing continuing education for coders.

The meeting dates and tentative programs are:

Treasurer's Report:

February 19, 2003

Anthem and Aetna representatives for information and round table discussions.

April 12, 2003

Joint meeting with the Indiana Roentgen Society. Linda Myers will contact Dr. Mark Thomas for more details about the program and the ACR coding seminar, and discuss the possibility of enlisting Dr. Lawrence Muroff as a speaker or the medical directors for Medicare and private insurance carriers.

September 17, 2003

Topics of interest were changes in radiology practices for the future and radiology partnering with other medical specialist. John Cergnul and Dr. Lawrence Muroff were suggested as possible speakers.

November 19, 2003

Coding seminar jointly sponsored with the Indiana State Medical Association that would provide coders 6 RCCB acceptable continuing education points

Program Chair, Susan Wiseman will be provided with this information and direction for arranging the 2003 meetings. The Keystone Marriott and Sheraton hotels will be contacted for meeting prices.

Karen will mail membership renewals and include all meeting dates for 2003. She will contact Mark Reynolds for a current membership roster. Glenda Harris will be contacted for names of business managers from radiation oncology groups to include in the mailing. Jim Cairney will get the name of the new manager for the Terre Haute group.

There was not an actual Treasurer’s report prepared, but Karen Shacklette estimated the following by recent bank statements.

Checking account

$ 750.00

Savings account

$ 5,800.00

Certificates of Deposit


Theresa Lin will be contacted for availability of auditing the financial records. If she is unable to do so, Deb Overcash and Bob Luther will conduct the audit.

There was again discussion about the penalties being charged by the RCCB and the RBMA for lack of minimum attendance at the RCC testing sponsored by the IRBMA in Indianapolis on July 27, 2002. The penalties equal approximately $18,000.00. The invoice of the actual amount has not been received. Linda Wilgus will draft an appeals letter and submit it to the board for editing.

There is interest in having Randy Roat conduct an Accounts Receivable Survey for the membership. Deb Overcash will contact Randy about the possibility.

It was discussed and agreed upon to continue the IRBMA website. Meeting announcements for the IRBMA and other organizations will be posted.

There was discussion and agreement to have the IRBMA by-laws amended and restated. It was suggested that the terms of the Board Members be reviewed for accuracy. In reviewing past meeting minutes, the terms of the members are as follows:


Linda Wilgus-2 year term ending in 2002; will remain through 2003 as past president.
Mark Reynolds (Membership) - 2 year term ending in 2003.
Theresa Lin-3 year term ending in 2003.
Karen Shacklette (Treasurer) - 3 year term ending in 2003.
Cathy West (Secretary) - 2 year term ending in 2004.
Linda Myers (President) - 3 year term ending in 2004.
Susan Wiseman (Programs) - 3 year term ending in 2005.
Deb Overcash (Internet) - 3 year term ending in 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cathy West, Secretary

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