Business Meeting: The meeting was called to order at by President Linda Myers. Nominations for new board members were announced and include: Stacey Gatchell, Karen Roy, Rita McFarland, and Rhonda Becker. Kathy Dockery made a motion to vote the slate and it was seconded by Linda Wilgus. All were in favor.

Deb Overcash reported on the November coding meeting in conjunction with the Indiana State Medical Association. The date will be November 7, 2007, and there will be three concurrent sessions. Belinda Stanley will be conducting interventional coding, Walt Blackham will do basic radiology coding, and an instructor is yet needed for the oncology session. Meg Patton with the ISMA will be making all the arrangements.

Deb Overcash announced that the IRBMA website has changed. Please check it out and give your feed back. Also, anyone interest in website management please contact Deb.

The joint meeting of the IRBMA and the Indiana Roentgen Society will be October 6, 2007 at University Place in Indianapolis. IRBMA members Linda Myers and Kathy Dockery will be speakers for this meeting.

Dan Nedlinger is stepping down as Insurance liason. Anyone interested in this position please contact any board member or officer.

Treasurer's Report:

Checking account balance

$ 11,981.70

Savings balance

$ 23,054.50

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned.



Glenn Troyer and Leeanne Coons
Krieg Devault Law Firm
Important Considerations for Management Agreements


Amy Murdock, RT®(QM) and Brad Dixon, RAIN
The RPA in Indiana: Scope of Practice and Billing

Respectfully Submitted,
Cathy West, Secretary

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